Help! I Don't Do Social Media. I Write Books!

Congratulations on the Publication or Soon Publication of Your Book!

My clients spend months, or years producing the best reading material possible for their readers and they are passionate to share their message with the world through social media.

I've enjoyed first page Google Search results for six of my Youtube devotional videos, and over 1,000 DAILY visits to my book and website through the strategic use of social media. In the space of a month's time I built a targeted twitter audience of over 2,000. Now it's my pleasure to share what I've learned with my clients.

My clients increase their author visibility through different social media networks. This enables them to meet readers, build a hungry audience, and increase their book's discoverability. I love helping them to get their message into the hands of the masses!

Standard Package

Standard Social Media Support Package $500

In the space of 4 hours I work one-on-one with my clients to set up two social media platforms of their choice. After 4 hours of working together my clients have two search engine optimized professionally branded Social Media Platforms that link new clients to their website, book sales page, or mailing list. 

Digital Image Package

Learn How to Create Digital Images Optimized for Social Media $100

Work one-on-one with me for an hour to create and learn how to create digital images for social media.
We cover how to brand images, link them to your book or website, size them properly, and optimize them for search engine optimization. We do it together and you leave with the knowledge to do it on your own as well as an image you created and you LOVE, that will help to promote your book on social networks.

Audience Growth Package

Increase Your Audience Through Social Media $400

In the space of 4 hours I work one-on-one with clients to increase their following on social media. Learn the hacks, tools and tips to DRAMATICALLY increase social media following. We start the process together.

Ongoing Support Package

Ongoing Social Media Support $100

For ongoing Social Media Support I work one-on-one with clients by the hour to optimize social media reach.  

Together we increase social media network reach and effectiveness bringing client's message to the online world through social media.

Youtube Channel Package

Create A Youtube Channel $500

In the space of 4 hours I work one-on-one with my clients to set up aYoutube channel to help them connect with their audience. At the end of this process my clients have a search engine optimized, professionally branded Youtube channel that links viewers to their website, book sales page, or mailing list. 

Youtube Video Package

Learn Youtube Video Search Engine Optimization (SEO) $500

In the space of 5 hours clients learn how to create, tag, edit upload and share their video, with all the bells and whistles that bring their video to the top of Google's search engine results. 

Professional Review Package

Professional Review of a Social Media Platform or Youtube Channel $100

One hour phone consultation and detailed written review of the effectiveness of a social media site.
Clients receive a list of the site's best qualities, as well as tips and recommendations for optimization.