Why should I hire Coach Angela Schans to help me establish a professional social media network? I am told that I can just send it to a publisher and they will market and promote my book for me. 
That’s true, only if you are famous.  Publishers have a very limited budget for the promotion and marketing of most of the books they publish. They only budget money for promotion where they are certain that resulting sales will more than cover their costs of promotions.

Friends are the single most influential book promoters, and with the today's technology and social media taking online book sales to a whole new level, Social media puts the power of promotion and marketing into every authors hands. That's where Coach Angela comes in. She will teach you the most efficient and economic way to utilize the major social media platforms to put your book in front of the eyes of your niche audience daily.

Doesn’t hiring your coaching add to the cost of marketing my book? 
Possibly. But if we are able to get your book into an active customer base, your revenue potential increases, offsetting that cost. If you use a custom publisher, your costs can vary from $999 to over $6,000 for premium packages. Do you really need all the services that they offer? Spending an hour or two with Angela, can give you the steps to take to save you thousands of dollars. If you self-publish, She can get you high quality original digital art for online promotion sized for any social media platform and teach you how to do it on your own. It’s all about empowering you so that you have the tools and know how to use them to market your book through the free services of social media networks, and develop the power to make more money in the long-term.

What is the average cost of your services? 
Most of her authors just need one to three hours of consulting time. The initial consultation is free. Once Coach Angela knows what you are looking for, generally, an hour is spent on determining the best options. Most of her clients want to spend an hour on developing an effective marketing plan. So, at her standard rate of $100 per hour, most of her clients will spend a few hundred dollars. Once your professional social media platforms are established, it can get more expensive. She would present tools to increase social media engagement and the growth of your online following and present you with a package. You would determine how much or how little of these services you would need.

What does it cost to have you do my social media networking for me? 
I do social media networking for an annual salary ranging from $30,000 $50,000 or $90,000 depending on the extent of social media reach I achieve on a daily basis. If my author's social media account brings a daily view of less than1,000 daily new targeted potential customers after to my author's website the cost to the author is $50,000 for a year of social media networking on their behalf. If they receive more than 1,000 daily targeted website views through their social media account, I charge $90,000 for the year of social media networking.  If I bring you less than 500 daily targeted views to your website after the first 3 months of work, my salary drops to $30,000. If it doesn't work, you don't pay.

What if I want an on-going coaching call with you on a bi-weekly basis? Can you continue to help me grow on a structured ongoing basis for a year or so? What does that cost? 
I would recommend you to one of three monthly packages. Charging only $100 an hour we can meet for an hour or two at a time once or twice a week, or twice a month as you have need.  Arrangements can vary, but generally, you don’t pay anything up front. Coach Angela helps you stake the next step in the latter to social media networking mastery with every call. Then, once you master the art of social media networking, you are empowered forever to reach around the world with your books.

What is the best option for getting my book seen by the most people? 
There is no set answer for that question. It depends on a lot of factors. Every author and every book is different. Coach Angela would want to analyze your situation and then come to a collective decision.

How does social media networking generate sales?
It's hard to say. More online sales are attributed through mailing lists, but it is social media networking that brings subscribers to those mailing lists. Coach Angela Schans will use her expertise to help you make your social media network and marketing efforts the best. But there are no formulas that work every time.

Do you work only with Protestant authors? 
No. Coach Angela works with people of all denominations within the Christian faith.

Do I have to know what social media platform I want before I talk to you or can I just have a book available somewhere online? 
It's probably better to come to Coach Angela before choosing and establishing your professional social media platforms. She can give you an up front idea of how to create a professional profile that is consistent with your niche and voice that will help readers to readily identify you as an author. Coach Angela will also help you to search engine optimize every step of the initial profile set up, including carefully chosen key words for the file names of your cover art and profile image and channel description.

Can I come to you after my social media platform has already been set up? How about if I have already gotten a professional business page, or author profile?
Yes. Many of her clients find out about Coach Angela after already starting their social media network. It’s easy to set up a social media profile and begin connecting with friends. The good thing about a working with Coach Angela is that she can work with exactly what you give her to make it work more effectively for you. The bad thing about a starting your professional author platform on your own, is that it is often inconsistent from one social media site to the next, sending mixed messages to your audience. Also the cover images may be totally different, giving an unprofessional look to you as an author. So Angela's authors spent much time setting up various social media platforms that need to be redone, wasting them much effort, and time they could have been gathering a committed following of fans.  If you made that mistake, she can still get your professional social media accounts into order and begin attracting a committed fan base. However, the other reason the social media platform might not be drawing many followers, is that the cover images are not very attractive or do not adequately communicate the author's niche. Before Coach Angela agrees to teach more advanced techniques of posting and gaining subscribers, she needs to make sure the author profile is professionally displayed and search engine optimized in every way. Bottom-line is, she may recommend that you go back and redo the profiles with her. So be prepared for that possibility.

Can't I just hire a ghost tweeter and be done? 
Sure, if you like to waste money and time.  Almost every ghost tweeter offers the bare minimum to give you a live "looking" profile that generates little or no added attention to your website and does nothing to increase your following on the platform. Coach Angela Schans works personally with each of her authors. If it gets to the point where she has too many authors to give personalized service, she stops taking authors! She customizes your social media network and marketing efforts to her author's individual publicity needs, book and financial means.

How do you get my book into social media? 
It depends on the circumstances. She uses a variety of pictures, digital art, videos, quotes, links to your blog or mailing list if you have one, and event related information to keep your social media account content rich and inviting to new niche friends. Coach Angela also reaches out to build relationships with the author and fans.

Can you help me get my professional author profile on a variety of social media platforms?
Yes, once one professional social media platform is established Coach Angela can have it “translated” in to the different formats required by each Social Media Website. This process can be expensive, but Coach Angela can do it for you for a most reasonable cost.

Who are some of people you have worked with? 
Angela has worked with Christian entrepreneurs to establish professional social media platforms in a variety of genres including a gourmet expresso catering business, fitness coach, construction company, churches, many missionaries, and authors and ministries.

Can you guarantee my book will be a success?
No. And if any company tells you that they can… run, run away, as fast as you can.

So, what does it cost me to get started?
Just the cost of a phone call. Call Coach Angela at 570-974-5364. Or email her at angela@angelaschans.com. The initial consultation is free.

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