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About Angela 

In order to provide the best service for clients, her efforts are customized to fit the individual needs of my clients. Coach Angela Schans offers no "one size fits all" services. The methodology she uses is broken down into two broad areas. The first area is to analyze her client's needs and provide the assistance they need to create the best possible social media network platform. This is done through a consulting process. All of the services she provides are available through a menu approach. She works with her clients to help them select the assistance that they need and then provides these services for a reasonable hourly or daily fee.

The second area in which she assists her clients is to get their products into the social media platform and attract interest and honor for the author's work. Through strategic network posting, uploading or tweeting, an author's book can be shared with thousands in the book's niche on a daily basis!

So, let’s look at the process step by step.

Generally, the first step in helping her clients create a great social network is to analyze the work that they have already done. Some authors are ready to begin social media marketing. Most of them aren’t. That’s not a criticism. It’s just a reflection upon the fact that most of her authors are new to social media networking. As with any trade, it takes time to learn how to be a social media networker and marketer.

Experience shows that her clients generally need assistance in the areas shown below.

In many cases, her authors have a good personal social media platform but they just need to transition into the professional public author platform that converts their ever widening circles of online friends into avid fans and customers of their work. For example, if it is a book on parenting, an author's professional social media platform will hook readers by sharing real time glimpses into their parenting adventures, the writing or publishing process, or short intriguing summaries of how their book is different from the thousands of other books on parenting. Often the writer needs a coach who can help them develop that “killer content”. Angela helps them format engaging posts that attract avid fans and readers.

Sometimes, the social media platform is solid but fails to continue growing in reach and influence or fails to convert friends into fans and customers. Angela helps authors share their book in real, natural, and engaging ways proudly without breaking the social etiquette in social media.

Let’s face it. Not everyone is fond of being social on their computer tablet or smart phone. Many people have great books and social skills but have trouble getting their passion online in a form that makes it easy for friends to connect. Even the most famous and socially gifted celebrities utilize social media interns to navigate their social media networking. If her author needs some help with developing their social media network, Angela gives them the help they need.

Great books often don’t get picked up by the name-brand publishers because the audience or following the author has is too small to ensure the minimum needed sales. Let’s face it; the best book in the world will not gain a wink from a publisher if the author is unknown and has no guaranteed base of predictable sales.  Maybe you just need help getting started building your social media network. She can help with that.

Just as often, an author has a healthy social media presence but needs a coach to give it the professional and marketing savvy edge. Books are shared and sold through social media every day. Maybe you just need an expert's touch to turn your social media platform into a thriving network of fans, followers, and evangelists for your books?  She's been working with experts in the most influential social media platform for years to cull the best of social media networking tools, tips and practices for you.

Once the best professional social media author profile has been created, I help my clients determine what is the best way for them to market their book. Long gone are the days that the large, established publishers were the only way to go. Experts expect over 18% more books are seen through social media, than through any other sales platform. Perhaps using brick and mortar or e-stores for book sales carries more prestige, but is it the most effective way for a book to be sold? Does the author want to be empowered to connect with their audience and share their book in a personal way? Do they want more control over how many people will be introduced to their book? These are questions that I help our clients answer.

While there are many options, there are seven major social media platforms through which to share your book: Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google +, Instagram and Pinterest.

Facebook is currently the most popular platform for sharing books followed by Twitter. But organic search through google tops both of them. Additionally, organic search yields the #1 way books are found online so search engine optimization is paramount to any online author platform.

I help clients engage the use of search engine optimization with Youtube because of the powerful way Google uses Youtube to raise search ranking, and because video increases consumer confidence by more than %52.

Large publishers no longer provide significant marketing budgets for new authors. Even with the largest publisher, a the bulk of the authors are expected to do the bulk their book marketing. So, using social media networks has become the necessity and norm for authors.

Social media is the beginning of organic book sales.  While social media is the #1 way to share your book, mailing list promotions exceed social media in actual sales by 40%. This is why many authors use social media as a way to funnel friends and fans into blogs and mailing lists for future book sale promotions.

If this route is right for you, I help you select the social media networks and practices that is best meet your needs and help you avoid spending time and money on ineffective social media practices.

True social media networking is for the brave souls who want to put their book in front of the eyes of potential customers on a world-wide platform. It can be the most profitable way to promote a book but you have to know what social media platforms to use, how to optimize them for organice search results, and the most effective tools and practices for gaining friends, followers, subscribers and fans. I know how to do this! I can help you connect your social media networking platforms and provide you with the tools you need to have your book viewed by a targeted niche audience of a thousand people daily.

Setting up your social media accounts is the first step. You will need to produce professional cover images that are made to fit the social media platforms of your choice, a professional headshot for your profile image, and a search engine optimized description of yourself that includes a link connecting your new friends to your book, website, mailing list or blog. Choosing your social media networking platform and where and how to gather your online audience is up to you.

So where do you start? I can help you out there. I have spent years learning the ins and outs of social media networking and marketing. Even if you have no current social media platform, I can help you set up a network of friends in your niche of over a thousand in the space of a month and help you generate over 1,000 NEW daily views to your author website in the space of four months.
I collect a reasonable hourly rate for my services, and walk you through how to continue growing your network and sales on your own. I put all the social media networking tools in your hands, and teach you how to use them. I teach you everything you need to know to create a powerful and effective social media network that works to promote your books for you, even while you are asleep.

Digital Art Design- If you choose to share your book on social media platforms you will need to create cover images and informative and engaging digital images sized specifically for that platform's post feed through the use of digital photo creating and editing tools.

As Coach Angela Schans, I work with you to design the powerful and needed digital art designs and teach you how to use free online tools to do it yourself for future posts that deserve to have the added attention and click through rates new fresh images bring to them.

Blogging and Website Development- Do you want a place where all your fans can go to find your books, and sign up for your e-mail list? I can teach you how to develop your own simple free Blog with Blogger.com, a lightning fast platform owned by Google and loved by all, that can host a variety of video, audio, print and pictures to help you connect with your fans and keep in touch with them regardless of the changing algorithms of social media networks.

Search Engine Optimized Video Editing and uploading to Youtube- Are you ready to increase your consumers confidence by the 40% mentioned above and give your fans the feeling that you know them on a one-to-one level? Do you want Google search engines to grab YOUR book and put it at the top of your niche when it's searched? I can help you edit your videos so that they help new customers know, like, and trust you using free video editing tools like i-movie or window's movie maker. I will help you to upload your videos to your own professionally developed Youtube channel with cutting edge search engine optimization tools effectively and economically.

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